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There are companies that expose workers to hazardous conditions which are potentially life threatening because these conditions may cause injuries or even death. The worker needs to be protected from exposure to these harmful materials using protective gear such as Bisley Workwear. This article explores the different industries which require protection from hazardous materials.Cold ConditionsSome industries such as meat processing plants use facilities which have to be maintained at extremely cold temperatures. Low temperatures can cause hypothermia in the worker necessitating them to have protective clothing that will keep them warm and protected.The material that is used to make the clothing for such conditions needs to have an insulation layer so that the worker has excellent protection against the extremely cold temperatures.Mechanical IndustriesSuch industries usually have tasks that make use of power and hand tools such as knives, machines and chain saws. The work place also has items with sharp edges such as glasses and sheet metal. The workers need to be protected from injuries that may arise from cuts and slashing. Protective clothing in this industry includes:- Gloves
– Sleeves
– Helmets
– Protective bootsThe materials used to make the gear needs to be stab and puncture resistant.Radio-active MaterialsThe main concern in such industries is protection from exposure from radioactive matter. Prolonged exposure to such matter is known to cause cancer and other health hazards. An example of such is the nuclear plants which use plutonium to manufacture their products.The protective gear has to come from durable, high quality materials that can stop the penetration and permeation or radioactive particulate matter to the body.For those working with X-ray equipment on a daily basis, the need for protection from different levels of radioactive rays is paramount.Bacterial/Viral ExposureLife threatening transmittable diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis can be transmitted to workers in facilities such as those that deal with medical textiles. Many staff who works in such environments needs to have garments that have a protective anti-bacterial and antiviral finishes.The material needs to retain the anti-bacterial agent even when the garment is cleaned, dyed and also washed. You can get this and many other gears from Bisley Workwear.Chemical IndustriesA lot of chemical processing companies have environments with vapor, chemicals and gases that can be harmful to the health of workers. Some of the chemicals are very toxic and can lead to burns and even internal injuries.The protective gear that is available for you comes in four categories ranging from A – D. Level A provides the worker with full encapsulation so that he or she is protected fully from any exposure to chemicals. Level B is similar to level A but may lack sealing at the seams. Both level A and B are useful for protection against highly toxic chemicals. Level C and D provide some protection but not as comprehensively as A and B.Thermal IndustriesSome industries will require the worker to be protected from fire and extreme heat. One of the major careers is the firefighting staff who is ever exposed to heat when they put out fires. Other industries such as those dealing in metal milling are exposed to high levels of heat.The material for making the gear for use by these workers needs to be fire resistant and be very durable, lightweight and be able to reduce the heat stress.All these and more garments can be found from Bisley Workwear who manufacture quality protective wear for your workers.