How to Choose the Right Corporate Clothing for Your Business |

Corporate clothing is an investment, and in terms of marketing spend, it can be an expensive one. Deciding to invest in outfitting your team can be a big decision- especially for smaller companies. And yet, it isn’t a decision that should need much consideration. The benefits of corporate clothing are widely publicised and with the right choices, it can be an investment that really makes a return.Corporate clothing obviously goes a long way to enhancing your brand image- why spend money on your letterhead and your website, for the brand to not be represented well when face to face with customers. First impressions count after all. Whilst this is clearly important for retailers, having a well presented workforce can have huge benefits in a range of industries, who may need to deal with suppliers, auditors or even the local community.The psychology of branding is an important notion to consider; that customers will assume you are professional and successful if you portray yourself as such. Corporate clothing can be a self perpetuating cycle- present a successful image and in turn, success will follow. And whilst it isn’t quite that simple, customers will buy in to your brand, if you take the time to invest in it’s image.Finally, corporate clothing is an investment in your biggest asset- your team. Corporate clothing can improve morale, create a sense of team spirit and lets your team know that you value them, all of which is then passed on to your customers in great customer service and loyalty to your brand. An engaged workforce has lower rates of sickness, a lower rate of turnover and they are often the best brand advocates!So, once you have decided to invest in corporate clothing you need to consider what your aims are- do you want to portray a city image, or is it more important for your team to be comfortable? Do you want consistency across the team, or can you afford flexibility between women and mens uniforms or perhaps for front line and back office staff? Once you have decided what your aim is, selecting the right corporate clothing range is much easier.The next consideration is when do you expect staff to wear the clothing? Is it for events only, or for every day office wear? Similarly, what industry are you in and will this affect your choices- teams working in construction might favour an embroidered polo shirt for comfort, where as finance workers may select a smarter oxford shirt. A good corporate clothing supplier will take all of this in to account when helping you to make the right choices for your team.Finally, and most importantly you need to select your supplier. There is a whole host of companies out there ready to take on your corporate order, ranging from the small and very cheap, right up to the well established and more expensive. Things to consider are the service that they will provide for you – will they provide an easy ordering service/ form, can you bulk order but also purchase in dribs and drabs for new members of staff (many places have large minimum orders)? Can they offer a bespoke service for you or even an account manager to ensure the minimum amount of your time is spent on ordering? Do they offer free fit samples for your team to try on for size?Possibly, the biggest decision to make will be regarding cost- a standard embroidered polo shirt can range from as low as £5 up to £35 and clearly here is where quality matters. View corporate clothing as an investment in your team and remember that good quality often equals real value- cheap items that have to be replaced often is a false economy. Imagine telling your team members how much their uniform, which you may well expect them to wear every day, cost- the idea is that they feel proud to wear it and to represent your company, and if cheaper items won’t have that effect then it is a waste of money.